Why Pull Out The Box?


ReceptXtenders™Installation Instructions  

To Install  ReceptXtenders    

1.  Shut off power at source.
2.  Remove outlet cover plate.
3.  Test outlet to assure power has been disconnected.
4.  Remove two (2) screws holding outlet or switch in place.
5.  Measure distance from face of outlet box to outside wall surface.
6.  Select the corresponding thickness ReceptXtenders
7.  Slide ReceptXtenders over the device and wires.
8.  Make sure inner flange is towards the box.
9.  Replace original screws through the device and the new ReceptXtenders
10. Longer screws are needed for applications over 1/2".
11. Tighten screws snugly and assure device is firmly positioned.
12.  Replace cover plate and turn on power.


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