Why Pull Out The Box?


ReceptXtenders were the original non-metallic receptacle box extender utilizing a simple mounting method. Other extension devices required complicated additional attachment means prior to attaching the receptacle to the extender.  ReceptXtenders use the two existing holes in the receptacle box as the means to mount the ReceptXtenders and then the receptacle. Previously, this means of attachment was not allowed by UL. We lobbied hard to show how important it was to have a simple device that every electrician and home remodeler would use. After extensive testing,ReceptXtenders were one of the first non-metallic outlet box extender to be granted the coveted UL Listing. The patented rear flange allows our device to fit perfectly and snugly against every type of receptacle box. Since ReceptXtenders are the only receptacle box extender to completely seal around the perimeter of the existing box we believe ReceptXtenders are the only device that truly meets NEC 314-20 that requires the box to be flush with the surface of combustionable wall surfaces. Adjustable, telescoping devices leave gaps around the perimeter of the box. Why risk the chance of potential problems?

ReceptXtenders receptacle box extenders are proudly made in the USA of the finest flame retardant materials.                 UL file QCMZ. E174133


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